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About EuroGraphics Inc.

Eurographics is a global brand that offers its puzzles and wall décor in over 50 countries. It feeatues a wide range of jigsaw puzzles ranging from 35-piece kids puzzles to 3000 piece adult puzzles. Puzzlers around the world appreciate the brand for its huge selection of designs, image quality and the sturdy production materials. Eurographics also offers a variety of special-edition puzzles, including 3D lenticular puzzles, advent calendar puzzles, and puzzle accessories like glue, frames, sorting trays and roll up mats. A unique creation are the 550- or 1000-piece puzzzles in shaped tins. They can be in the shape of different cars, a donut, a camera or a farm tractor. One of the things that sets Eurographics puzzles apart is their selection of great puzzle design artists like Dominic Davison, Anne Stokes, Lucia Heffernan, Greg Giordano and many others. Eurographics also has the unique position of being the company with the largest collection of fine art puzzles. Check on their website the close to 100 puzzles with art by van Gogh, Klimt, Picasso, Dali, Leonardo and modernist icons like Keith Haring and Banksy. All of these art pieces make wonderful wall decorations in Eurographics’ puzzle frames. A nice counterpoint are the car, airplane, train and science puzzles like the Periodic Table of Elements. Eurographics status as a leading brand in the toy industry gurantees close cooperation with worldwide known brands such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, Boeing, Volkswagen and organisations like the MOMA, Chicago Institute of Art, the Picasso Museum Paris etc. Last year’s introduction of the puzzle advent calendars created a sensation and leading retailers like department stores, club store chains, neighbourhood toy stores and online dealers made it the must-have item of the season. The company is headquartered in Montreal and uses production facilities in the US, in Europe and in China which makes its products readily available to large retail chains in Northern Europe as well as to a neighbourhood toy store in Montana. Make sure to visit the Eurographics booth (2911) for additional innovations to be presented at New York toy Fair.

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